Wanna max pc in low budget :D plz help

Hello guys,
I am totally confused about what to buy .. & also because it'll be my first build. i just studied every thing by surfing internet.
So i decided to leave this decision to you guys,
My budget is around 520$ not more than that.
i want as much performance in games as possible & wanna play games at as high resolution as possible.
what would you guys recommend me??
suggest any component, any product or whatever you guys think is convenient plz
i am posting it here because i know all gamers usually visit here

& yeah
can any one explain what is meant by "Bottle neck?"
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  1. Do you need everything (Windows, monitor etc) all for $520? A bottleneck is when 1 component is holding up the rest ie a pentium 4 processor with a 480 graphics card.
  2. nah! no no
    i want only cpu. ;)
  3. $494AR

    up to 1920 x 1080, nil/low AA/AF is advised
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