How would i set up my SSD's to do this?

I want to install my OS on one SSD and then all of my programs and everything else on 3 SSD's in raid 0? Yes, I know, if one fails they all fail. I understand the risk so you don't need to warn me please. No trim support, I can live witho ut it. I just need some guidance on how to set this up.
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  1. Set it up on what? Just download the raid-manual for your mobo from the manufacturers website and read yourself.
  2. Why are you using SSD's in raid 0? You know that hinders performance correct? You lose trim when you set up any SSD in a raid aray iirc(I could be wrong), but if you want to install a program on a seperate SSD from the one containing your OS, then when you you're installing the program don't pick "express install" pick "custom install" and choose the destination of is as simple as that
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