Should I get an SSD + HDD or is an SSD + External okay?

Hey all, I am in the process of building my first gaming computer. I will be using it for gaming and video/photo editing!

I am buying parts still and looking at storage ideas right now. Now I have TWO external drives a WD USB 2.0 1TB External AND a Seagate USB 3.0 750GB Portable..

I am looking at getting either a 120gb or 256gb Samsung 840.. I don't know however if I should get an HDD as well? If I did get an HDD I would get a 120gb Samsung 840 SSD and a WD 1tb caviar black. If no HDD just the 256gb Samsung 840. I plan on putting Win 7 (with space savers), Adobe CS5 (or 6), sony vegas, pro tools 10, and camtasia.. (I will not put games on the SSD because I know the only benifit is load times which I don't care enough about ALTHOUGH if space allows I may put ONE on it..
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  1. Any thoughts?
  2. No response? I really need an answer to get the hell on with my build lol
  3. I would really love to get an answer to that question too...
  4. SSD should only be used to install the OS and program files. You get a Sata hdd 1TB or more for temp files and saved files, as well as for Steam PC games, better for it to be internal rather than external as the transfer rate would be faster (internally).

    You set the temp files (path) for video editing from within the Options of the program. You "SAVE AS" then select the Sata Hdd then the folder and filename.

    If you save files to the OS SSD, your drive will fill up really quickly, especially for video editing.

    120 gb SSD or 256 SSD is not really enough to hold saved files or much of anything, you need to maintain more than 25% free space at all times on the OS drive, only about 10% for other non-OS drives

    Your ram for games needs only to be 8gb however, video editing requires a lot of grunt from the cpu as well as the ram so 16gb is recommended.

    Don't overclock anything to get extra speed, it doesn't really do much good with the cpu or ram or video card, just stick to the basic structre settings.

    External hard drives are best used for storage of the final data, backup files, and other files that you may not need immediately. Never have the external drives attachd to the PC prior to bot up, only attach them after you get to desktop if you really need to use the data on them.

    Most of the software selected should be Windows 7 specific otherwise you will lose the themes and the performance may not be what you expect. If the recommended OS is Vista then you should stick with a Vista OS for better compatibility otherwise acquire programs designed for Windows 7.

    Rather than spending a huge amount of money on a super dooper Pc, you might want to consider getting 2 x half super-dooper PC's, one for gaming and one for video editing.

    Lastly, don't overclock anyyhing, get the recommended hardware for the Pc(s) and make sure your PSU is more than adequate as both PC gaming and Video editing do draw more power in certain circumstances.
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