Twin Turbo Pro on XFX HD4890?

Hey guys,

Right the stock cooler on my XFX HD4890 has been making a clicking noise for some time now,I think one of the bearings in the fan has gone,I could probably return it to XFX but its alot of hastle and i didnt like how noisy the cooler is anyway + it runs 60c idle so all the more for a better cooler :)

I was thinking about getting this aftermarket cooler for it?

Artic Cooling Accelero TWIN TURBO PRO Graphics Card Cooler

However i heard you have to watch out with getting aftermarket coolers for the 4890 because of "Non reference" desighns?

Would i run into any trouble installing that Accelero TWIN TURBO PRO?

Thanks all for any replies,greatly appreciated :)
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  1. What 4890 do you have? The reference designs were the one with the clear plastic cover and AMD logo on the PCB.

    Like this:
  2. Hi,My cooler is the same as this,

    everything on that card shown above is the same as mine,exept 2 things, the pcb board on mine is black and not red...and there is no AMD logo on the Pci-e slot down the bottom of the card?

  3. i had twin turbo on my 4890, and it was not enough to keep it cool, stock was better.
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