Computer smelled hot then died

my 13 month old dell studio 540, core 2 quad 8400 worked fine until a couple of days ago. It smelled like wires gettting hot but continued to run ok. I shut it down one morning, and tried to restart later and nothing. After hitting power button the fans run for a couple of seconds then quit. The power button blinks amber for just a 1/2 second when depressed. I have taken the 24 pin connection from motherboard and jumped green wire to black wire. The power supply fan works and the hard drive runs. I have also takes the cmos battery out and replaced, no help. What else can I do, Please help. Thanks
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  1. Hello and welcome to THG.

    Sounds like a components dies. Do you know if your unit was outputting a lot of heat? You may have a fried motherboard or processor.
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