Mobo Advice... Revo X2 Boot Drive, 6970X Fire, 2600K 5.0-5.2 ghz

I'm looking for a good motherboard that I can both achieve some ambitious clocks with on a Noctua NHD14, run 6970s in X-Fire, and especially dropping this kind of scratch on the revodrive... i want to be sure that I can utilize it to its full potential. I already have windows 7 bootable ISO on a jump drive, along with the latest Revo X2 drivers...

I've looked on OCZ's website and after reading forums don't have a lot of confidence in their compatibility list. I want something that can for sure boot with this drive... only a fool would use it for storing media lol. There is a lot of great motherboards out there that can do the job of oc'ing well, and running in crossfire well, its booting the Revo X2 i'm most worried about. SOmething that will let the Revo X2 and the two 6970's have a little breathing room would be ideal.

My goal is to hit 5.0-5.2 ghz on air, in antec 1200 case with the noctua nhd14 cooling cpu.

Any suggestions on ram would also be appreciated: The general consensus is 8 GB is better than 16 gb and don't mess with overclocking it cause the gain is miniscule and stability often is the cost? I'm not a overclocking, ram genius obviously. I'm pretty novice but can follow a guide... would be really nice if its a board there is some good oc'ing guides out there for.

Thoughts please guys, want to pull the trigger on my new rig today :).
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  1. 5 is a lot, you need to dig more to find one. From waht I know the good ones can do 4.7-4.8.
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