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Is quadro fx 4400 better than geforce GTS 250

Hello everyone,
I would appreciate if anyone here can advise on whether should I replace my old Quadro FX4400 with a newer GeForce GTS250.
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    It uses the NV45GL chip which was used in 6800 PCIe cards. So it is no where close to the GTS250 in performance. It would be a good upgrade.
  2. Ones a Quadro and ones a Geforce, why do you have a Quadro in the first place? Is it for professional work?

    For gaming, the FX4400 is a 6800 Ultra with different drivers, so the GTS250 will be a major upgrade.
  3. Thank you Rooli59 and Timop for your answer, I really appreciate your advice.

    I bought this PC back from my previous company which was used for Solidworks. I still use Solidwork for design at home but can not afford to pay for the high-end Quadro, hence my question. I hope the GTS250 is good enough for Solidworks, what do you think?

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