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Questions about installing new ssd

February 14, 2013 6:16:44 PM

I have been here are the fourm reading articles about installing a SSD in my new laptop and getting some conflicting information I was hoping someone here could clear up. First, I just purchased a new toshiba I7 laptop that came with windows 8 and a 640GB HDD. I probably only have a couple of hours of use on it and just got in the mail my new Samsung 250GB 840 SSD with install cable. It came with a migration program and samsung magician and I purchased a copy of norton ghost. I am ready to clone the factory HDD but have a few questions before I do so. What concerns me is I have read that when I clone the HDD to the SSD, that it will not transfer the windows 8 recovery backup thats currently on a reserve partition of the factory HDD. I made a backup disc when I first got the laptop the other day..but will this do me any good in case of a crash once I switch over to the cloned SSD? Im worried if I ever need to reinstall windows 8 I wont be able to do so. . So I guess my my question is, what is the best way to make sure my windows 8 recovery will be available when switching over to my new SSD.