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Best Graphics Card Benchmark Tool

Just a quick community question. What's the best graphics card benchmark tool?

Is it 3DMark Vantage, Crysis Benchmark Tool, Heaven Benchmark, or some other benchmarking tool I forgot to list?
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    I think this would make a great poll question. I recommend closing this thread and posing it as a question to really get the discussion going!
  2. I wanted to do a poll, but I was worried I would upset people if I left there favorite benchmark tool out haha, am I missing any other major ones?
  3. Yeah, and the poll will include most of those that are used, that's why I am wondering if I left out any major ones?

    I'm sure that for a solid benchmark more than one tool is needed, but I'm curious as to what most people would use for a quick benchmark? Their first choice if that makes sense?
  4. yeah it does. For me it is 3DMark Vantage.
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