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Is it possible to put a old hdd without reformatting it in a new build just for data since I'm going to use a ssd as the os? or will I still have to reformat
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  1. Well reformatting is always better and if you have no data on it right now, why not?

    AFAIK, reformatting does bring some speed benefits and reliability benefits
  2. Yea I have some data I would really like to keep. and I currently don't have a external hhd. so I just don't know what to do lol
  3. Depending on the size of the stuff, you could just plug it in and leave it or move the stuff to the SDD, reformat the HDD and then move everything back
  4. I see i'll try that out didn't think about that thanks Stickmansam
  5. Yes you can - I have done it many times. Do not have to reformat - delete the stuff you don't need any more. There may be some permissions you will have to straighten out if it's Win7.
  6. Yes! Of course, you can. But, you'd better move the data on this drive and format it afterwards.
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