Ok to use an 3TB internal with an enclosure for backup

I need to create a solid backup of my laptop, clear some room off the laptop hard drive, and would like to free up some space on a portable 1 tb external drive that i take with me on the go.

Wonder if it's ok to purchase a 3TB internal drive and a portable external enclosure and create a system backup and add data from the other smaller drives to this larger drive?

Was looking at the Barracuda EP 3TB 7,200RPM SATA 6.0Gbps 3.5" Internal Hard Drive STBD3000100 or something similar. My available fund limit me to a 3tb...otherwise I would look at something with more room like a 4TB Hitachi 7k4000 but I just can't afford it.

I've read in other threads here from mid 2012, that 3TB drives aren't supported by all systems and I couldn't find any data describing what that means exactly and if that is still the case.

My main point of concern is to create a system backup on a drive that is separate from my laptop and also create a secondary backup in the cloud.
2nd point of concern is to free up space on my laptop hd and my mobile external drive as they are getting full and I don't want to have alot of 1Tb externals.

I plan to backup my laptop system online to crashplan as well.

Running windows 7 64 bit

Is it ok to use an internal drive in a enclosure as the backup for all of my data....with the preface that I plan to have a secondary backup for the system in the cloud as well?
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  1. yup, that's fine. I'd check to see what the fastest interface you could get for your laptop is though. if you can go USB 3.0, get an external enclosure that's compatible. If you can do eSATA, that's good too. USB2.0 will be a little slow, but acceptable. make sure it's a SATA drive and SATA drive compatible enclosure.
  2. thanks, ittimjones

    I don't have usb 3 but will look into getting a usb 3.0 expresscard to speed things up and make sure the HDD and the enclosure are compatible as well.

    thanks again
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