Favorite Graphics Card Benchmarking Tool

Just a quick poll, whats your first pick when it comes to graphics card benchmarking?
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  1. haha, thanks! I hope this gets the conversations going.

    I use 3DMark06 because it has a good range, gives a good idea of actual performance, and is so popular! Most people have used it to benchmark, even if it is just one of many.

    EDIT: Doh, I mean 06 not Vantage...
  2. I like Crysis, because I've played the game and loved it, and because it truly pushed back in 2007.
  3. Used to use 3dmark but now with Vantage so biased toward Nvidia cards (the CPU score is increased when using an Nvidia card due to Physx coproccessing during the CPU tests !) I've stopped using Vantage so still use 3d mark06 along with a few others.
  4. Yeah, the way Vantage counted PhysX was that it would increase the CPU power (which is very limited in most game) withOUT using up any of the GPU.
  5. Thats a good point, I'll add the previous versions of 3DMark. Thanks for your input.
  6. I didn't know it deleted the results if you edit it... my bad...
  7. i actually like to use the heaven benchmark because its a bit more realistic to estimate what performance you would get in games (excluding games like crysis and gta4)
    other than that i use furmark for max temps and 3dmark06 for a 3dmark score
  8. Yeah heaven is nice, I think I might try some of the other ones Unigine puts out.
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