Q6600 1.904v @ 34c... WTF?!

I compiled some new and used parts for a rig to take with me to my dorm for some gaming; Inside is:
Asus 680i Striker Extreme
Q6600 B3 (not overclocked) w/ CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ (with dual fan push/pull)
4GB Corsair CM2x1024-6400 ver5.2
Antec TruePower Quattro 1000w PSU
XFX 9800GT
Asus Supreme FX II sound card
Hitachi 1.5tb HD
in an antec 900 with no top 200mm fan (for the moment.)
Running Windows 7 Ultimate for 10 more days (will have to switch to professional [only considering professional because it's $30 w/ student discount] or home premium since I lost the friggin product key. -facepalm-)
and awaiting a PNY GTX 570.

well, on power up today, I get a nice little msg on bios saying to check my voltages, temps etc because of an abnormality,
I scroll over to vcore (auto) and I see 1.98 to 2.01 volts temps sitting at 51c :ouch:
did a little forum surffing and found that the Q6600 will go pretty low and cool, so I manually adjusted the vcore to 1.09375v, mem to 1.9v and NB core to 1.25v.
log on and run CPU-z;
reports the proc. is running at 1.907v, but temps read 34c.

I'm stumped as to why,
I've updated the bios to latest available (version 2002, I think).
drivers are latest.

so, any ideas to fix this??
any info helps,
I don't want to keep my computer on longer than 30mins if it is at 1.9v for fear of combustion and melting. :sweat:

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  1. that voltage is WAY too high for that chip, it should be running around 1.3v. Maybe a BIOS update for the motherboard is required.
  2. yeah, that's why I'm so nervous; I know 1.6v is pushing it for daily on water. 1.9v is the kind of stuff you need liquid helium and nitrogen and seven spares for.

    I've checked for bios updates, I am currently running the most recent bios.

    I've reset CMOS twice,
    In process now of pulling out the battery for 15mins and replacing just in case the cmos button doesn't work like it used to.

    will post back with outcome.

    manually reset CMOS; this time it actually said CMOS had reset.
    voltages are still reading at 1.9v in bios;

    I'm going to remove the heatsink and proc to see if there is a bent pin in the socket or a short somewhere.
    post back later with update.

    Edit Edit:
    Did it all;
    found nothing.
    Still shows running at 1.9v.
    even reflashed bios (rolled it backward AND rolled it to 2000). still shows 1.9v.

    I quit.
    I hit up craigslist and picked up a used EVGA 780i, Lapped Q6600, 9800GTX, 2-2gb sticks of Watercooled OCZ mem, couple of fans, and an arctic freezer 7 pro for a great deal.
    parts are going to be swapped out.
    Thanks to all those who read.
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