Do you test HD before setting RAID?

Hello. I just received 5 WD RE4 drives. I'm going to be setting up these drives as a Raid 5 with my RocketRaid 4322 card. This is my first time setting up a Raid with a card. I'm running OSX Lion.

So do you guys test the drives before setting up the raid or do you just go ahead and put them in?
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  1. nope

    Just pop them in, get into the RAID configuration screen, and set the RAID configuration. Setting the drives in RAID will format them, so anything that you put on prior will be gone afterwards. Enjoy!
    PS. I hate Apple
  2. But don't choose the fast format option if available, do a full format. Only that will write to most of the surfaces of the disks (and will take hours). SMART will do / report the rest for you.
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