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To run 3D software-Maya 2011 [also Video editing and Photoshop 3D Animation] I've chosen this mobo: Intel DG43GT Classic Series G43 micro-ATX Intel Graphics HDMI+DVI 1333MHz LGA775 Desktop Motherboard with an Intel Pentium Dual-Core 2.93GHz 1066MHz 2MB LGA775 Processor (also a 45oW Hercules Power Supply for mATX w/a SATA connector). Is this the right graphics card i'll need to run 3D software and animation? Would the DVI+VGA Graphics setup work also? Or is that too basic for all of the things i've mentioned?
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  1. No it's not okay, the motherboard uses intergrated graphics (which do not stand up well to 3D).

    First of all, the motherboard has next to nothing to do with performance today.
    You select a CPU & GPU and select a motherboard to fit.

    The Pentium Dual-Core 2.93GHz is quite old, though good enough for Maya.

    This 3-Cored, 3.1GHz AMD Athlon would be a solid step up for Maya:

    And this 5670:

    Is a good graphics card.
  2. @OP:

    1. Budget?

    2. A dual core is NOT recommend for Maya. I highly recommend you look in to the Athlon II X4 or Phenom II X4/X6 or i7.

    3. Is this for pro level work?

    4. Rest of the specs?

    (also a 45oW Hercules Power Supply for mATX w/a SATA connector).

    Absolutely no! NEVER skimp on the PSU. Get a quality PSU from Antec, OCZ, Corsair, PC Power or XFX.
  3. Ja, we need to know your background along with budget. Best starting point is - what computer do you have now, and how does it perform with your work?
  4. [replying to all from bottom -EXT64- up] I am a Graphics Artist/Photographer/Web Designer, who also services the PCs of a business and a few clients; i am also a college student pursuing additional degrees [Integrated Systems; Media Graphics then a Master's - already have a BS). i have been in the computer field since 1996 & rebuilt three legacy desktops 2 or 3 yrs. ago (IBM Aptiva P2 -works well-, a Dell P3 -in my office, works well, & the MS-6340 w/an AMD processor -will rebuild next- probably w/an AMD CPU).

    i know NOTHING about graphics cards or which order to purchase my equipment in - that is why i am asking the experts. i am taking a Computer Animation class this semester and need to run Maya 2011 ONLY for this class (the software is free for 13 mos. to students from the Autodesk site). Though interesting, my livelihood is Photography/Graphic Arts/Web Design. I need to 'get by' with a graphics card for this class... but, i do need some power to edit video from time to time. My budget is small -i can only afford the dual core- i'm not really crazy about AMD processors, had some issues w/the one on my MS-6340 -but who knows? the CPU may not have been the issue - the mobo was originally used by the college.

    So, with all of that, i've chosen to rebuild the tower w/the fried HT2000 in it; given to me by a client whose PC & phone lines ALWAYS get hit by lightning. After we tried another PSU, Geek Squad told her the mobo was fried - could only be replaced. Since it is the most recent, i've chosen this one to rebuild. i've only rebuilt the MS-6340 from the mobo up; others were small rebuilds - most of the parts were given to me.

    If the Pentium dual-core will work with Maya 2011, great! it's a keeper! i can do that $80. the i5s and i7s are too expensive for my budget, but i DO like Intel. From my IBM P2, Dell P3, Toshiba -laptop- P4, to my Dell Lat -laptop- Duo Core - never a problem. They're quiet, top quality, and i just prefer an Intel Pentium processor. So, i need to find a graphics card that will work -just until December- i don't plan to purchase Maya 2011. i do 90% of my work on my laptop, but i NEED a good, functioning desktop. Now is a good time to rebuild.

    i REALLY want to keep it under $250. if i'm going to purchase a separate graphics card, i can go with the integrated DVI+VGA motherboard (about $13 less)... or... no? what do you all suggest i do? i need to have it built and operating by next week... so the clock is ticking... couldn't find an external graphics card for my laptop, so i decided to rebuild.
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    I my self work as a 3D artist and maya is a very forgiving program. Since you are starting maya I highly doubt you will be pushing your machine far with poly count or rendering.

    I have ran maya 2011 on a rather simple laptop
    2.3ghz dual core
    2gb or ram
    geforce 7600 256mb GPU (i would suggest a gpu to take the load off your mobo and cpu)
    You can probably get away with a budget PSU as you wont be doing days of rendering.

    I have run maya 8.5 smoothly on a much simpler machine.

    amd64 2.6ghz single core
    1gb of ram
    geforce 6800gt
  6. Ok, Thanks Newcomer. So i really need to look at a GPU. i'm still good w/the dual core CPU and possibly the mobo. But if i purchase a GPU, i'll step down on the mobo, to the one w/the integrated VGI+VGA. i'm gonna run 4GB of RAM - waiting on another chip for my Latitude to complete the editing/rendering of my Photoshop 3D Animation assignment. If i stay w/this, i'm going to have to invest in a laptop that will run it. i need to rebuild one of my desktops NOW, so i can get thru this class w/o going to the campus twice a week to do 'home'work. i was hoping someone who has actually used Maya on a personal PC would read my pleas for help.

    i appreciate all of the posts... they all give me insight. i still have another desktop to rebuild. hoping to purchase the equipment i'll need by tomorrow, i'll be checking the forum throughout the day [at work] and for sure when i get home tonite. thanks again.
  7. What about this mobo: ASUS M4A785-M - AM3 - AMD785G - DDR2 - HDMI - uATX Motherboard by Asus w/this CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 250 Regor 3.0 GHz 2x1 MB L2 Cache Socket AM3 65W Dual-Core Desktop Processor - by AMD - if the one on the fried HT-2000 doesn't work? i really wanted Intel, but you are all suggesting AMD. This mobo has what i need to run maya 2011 for one semester w/o buying a GPU right? because the specs say the GPU is integrated w/the board... aren't i reading that right? that is why i selected it. Need feedback.
  8. Decided to go with the Phenom II 550 80W Dual-Core... only $30 more. Since no one has commented, my choices must be ok this time.
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