Multiple needs, what should I do?

I used to be very in touch with all the newest tech, but now I am out of touch... so I can use your help! I have read all about mediabuilds, nas builds, gaming builds, etc on these forums, but I still don't know what to do. I currently have a 2003 desktop that turns on about 25% of the time, and a brand new work supplied awesome laptop that I can game on and do all of my work, but my wife likes to take it over when I get home :)

What I am looking for is as follows. I would like to have a media center that I can put our pictures, videos, music, etc on. I enjoy a lot of unlicensed fansub anime so it would be nice to be able to run torrent downloads. We have a playstation 3 so I guess I could just use a storage system and stream the data to my PS3. My wife tends to take over my lappy when I get home so she can browse, play on facebook, write docs, but she does not do anything with heavy processing. I have been playing with the idea of getting a really inexpensive laptop for the wife and then putting together a new budget media center or setting up a NAS for our media storage only. What would you suggest - since I have a PS3 should I just save the money and invest in a NAS, or would it be in our best interest to get a dedicated media center that would cost more?

I'm being fairly ambiguous, but then again I am a total newbie again so I'm having to start from the beginning. Please let me know if I can add anything else for you.
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  1. I have an older HDTV so it doesn't have HDMI, but in the near future I think we will be getting a new TV - ours is starting to turn shades of red and pink where the bulb is getting old and a replacement is over 500 bucks. I do play games but my laptop handles the newest games very well, I just have an extra hard disk I bought for my own personal stuff so nothing is installed within the work drives. My old desktop has some storage space but it is a beast, just kicks out a ton of heat, uses a ton of power, is super loud, and so I don't keep it on. Plus it's just old. I guess I pretty much just want something that I can watch my videos on in all sorts of different formats, leave the system on, output music, etc. If I just use it for storage, I will probably but a separate low end laptop for the wife so she has something to work on as well.
  2. a HTPC might be a good choice for you, however if you do go the htpc route and don't mind having a larger case there are some great valued i5/phenom ii pcs that can be built for a reasonable price. What is your budget?
  3. My max would be about $650 right now, with anything below that being icing. Anything more than that and I'll have to continue saving up but it can be done - plus having a target is good too.
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    $650 is a good budget, are their any peripherals or components you may have or need? If you fill in that template it will really help in choosing the right parts for you and knowing what you may or may not already have
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