Connecting a Mobo to a thermaltake v4 case

Hi guys. Today I just bought a new Mobo (gigabyte 990xfa ud3) and 8gb Gskill ripjaws 1600, I already owned a phenom II x4 955 , a gigabyte gtx 460, a thermaltake 550w purepower and a atx thermaltake v4 case, so it was likely a motherboard update. I haven't been able to turn in on for 2 reasons: First I didn't know this board doesn't have an IDE port, so I will have to replace my old dvd drive in order to install windows, and second I am quite uneasy about connecting it. I already place everything in order, but the atx pwr , leds, reset. The manual says the polarity it should be put, but the case only has two cales mixed in one that says pwrsw.

I know you can seriously damage your Mobo by connecting the atx pwr wrong into the pins, can you guys help me out?

Thanks a lot
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    The power and reset switches don't have polarity. If a LED is connected wrong, it simply won't work; revere it and it will work. Connectors that could damage a sysetm always are keyed to prevent mistakes.
  2. Thanks a lot man, I have done it already. Most apreciated!
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