New build slow, PC diagnostic software?

So, I just got the most of a new rig for an HTPC. First, here's the specs:

J&W Minix 780G-SM128 Mini-ITX mobo
ATI Radeon 3200 onboard GPU controller
AMD Athlon 64 II 4850e
Silverstone 1U HSF
WD 1.5TB Green HDD
Generic DVD-Rw
220W PSU in a Thermaltake shoebox size case

I did the build, installed Win7 Pro x64 on it. Firstly, the install took FOREVER, literally 45 minutes. Now it's taking forever to boot up, change screens, open a file, etc. It's running like a 486 with the turbo key pressed! I have the latest Cayalyst drivers for the Video, SouthBridge and AHCI. I went so far as to tear the machine down, change the SATA cables and rebuild it, and it's still at a crawl.

What Diagnostic software is there out there that might isolate what is dogging my little HTPC down? I've run WD Diag full test on the drive and it reports no errors, so I don't know if its a controller issue or what... I have the HD set as AHCI (instead of SATA as IDE) in the BIOS and SMART enabled. The HD indicator is CONSTANTLY tacked red. I just don't get it...
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  1. The WD Green drives were meant to be storage drives, not boot drives. It runs at 5400 rpm which makes it unsuitable for a boot drive and is the reason why its so slow. You want a drive that runs at 7200 rpm. The WD Blue was designed for normal use drives and WD Blacks were designed for performance and speed.

    There are other brands are are cheaper and just as fast if not faster. Although maybe half the capacity.
  2. No, that's definitely not it. It's somewhere hardware/driver related. I know 5400 spins aren't as fast as 7200, but it's more than suitable for a boot drive. Laptops almost all have 5400, based on your theory, no laptops would ever run. And I have a WD green in my quad core gaming rig. That's why I'm looking for a software soln that can go in and tell me what is bottlenecking the system. My guess is the SATA controller (which I've tried 3 different drivers for), or perhaps memory or the board itself.
  3. I didn't say it won't ever run, just that when it does it's much slower than the typical 7200 drive.

    There are no software that can pinpoint where your bottlenecks are. It's just done through trial and error and identifying what causes what to slow.

    It could be a combination of the low power CPU and slow hard drive that's causing your problem.

    Something to try is swapping the drive out for another one and see if its just as slow or it was just the hard drive. Alternately, try using that hard drive in another system. Maybe its a defective although still working (just very slow) hard drive.
  4. The hard drive I had was notorious for problems, and I had to RMA it. If anyone ever has a prob with a WD 1.5tb Green, do a search for the model/serial and make sure you aren't in the same boat beating your head against the wall. This thread can be closed, since I can't 'Best Answer' it cause the only replies I got were uneducated. Admin, if you would be so kind...
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