Ati radeon 5770 to 3x Dell 23" ST2310 monitors

I have problem trying to set up 3 monitors display. i am currently trying to run the ati radeon 5770 to 3x Dell 23" ST2310 monitors. i have one DP to HDMI and the other two are running on DVI to VGA.

I bought an "active" displayport adapter. well it only said it has "Active Technology to converts DisplayPort to HDMI for clear audio and video". It doesnt read the 3rd monitor. when i tried to extend or said that one of the non-primary display must be disable first.

people are saying that only an Active displayport with the USB to connect for power will work?

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Any help is appreciated...thank you.
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  1. Hey I was trying to do the same thing a while ago with my 5750.
    I talked to someone about it from a local computer store and apparently active displayport adaptors vary and only some work on certain brands of cards.
    And the prices vary quite considerably between adaptors. eg. a $50 adaptor would work with some cards while others need $300 adaptors, as crazy as it sounds.
    What brand is the card and the adaptor?
  2. the graphic card is the ATI Radeon HD 5770. and the adapter is just a no name. in the back of the said that the adapter has "active technology" so i bought it. how did you get yours to work? what kind of adapter did you buy?
  3. yea but the card will also have a brand, eg. Gigabyte, Sapphire, HIS etc.
    hmm kinda difficult to tell what the problem is if you dont know much about the adaptor, how much was it?

    Well in the end i didnt bother setting mine up cause it didnt seem worth the cost seeing I was just gonna use a couple of old CRT monitors for the other two monitors haha.

    Anyway what exactly are you wanting to use eyefinity for, gaming im guessing? Cause you will probably struggle to play most modern games at a 5760x1080 resolution at decent settings on a single 5770. I may be wrong though
  4. Quote:
    5770 is kinda week for gaming on 3 monitors don't ya think?

    Don's crush my hope please!

    I think it will be fine, as long as its not max AA, max resol. Most games are not as demanding as those used for benchmarking anyway.

    Worst case scenario, CF is always an option.
  5. You can choose between two adapters:

    An active Displayport to Single Link DVI ($30-$40). Support up to 1920 x 1200"

    Or the much more expensive active Displayport Dual link DVI ($100-$150) which supports higher resolutions.

    Also, here is a list of dongles validated by ATI to be used with eyefinity:

    As told by ati: To enable support for more than 2 monitors, “active” DisplayPort™ adapters/dongles are required (or monitors with direct DisplayPort™ connectivity must be used).
  6. yeah i got it to work now. i just bought the Sapphire Active DP. it works fine now. and the 3 monitors is not for gaming. it's just for work and school. Thank you all for the help. it was much appreciated.
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