Deciding on a factory OC'ed 1GB Palit or EVGA GTX 460?

Looking at these two:

I like the lifetime warranty on EVGA but the Palit seems faster. Anyone know how loud either of these are? Looking for something quiet (if possible).

Also wondering if shelling out the extra cash for factory OC is worth it? I don't have experience OCing.

Also saw this recommended in another thread.... "cool and quiet" they said, sounds reliable...
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  1. Most reviewers have called the Palit "unusual" in that it was a good value for a factory overclock, ie, small +price, significant +perf. Now that other 1G 460s are less than $229, that may have changed a bit.

    The advantage of a factory OC is the guarantee that *your* card will run at the spec'd speed.

    When you think about the value of a lifetime warantee, think how long you actually use any vid card. And then think how much a 460 will cost that many years out. The warrantee has value, but maybe not as much as it seems.

    Anyhow, the choice isn't something anyone but you can really make. Which do you value more?
  2. Don't pay extra for a factor overclocked version. You can easily do the oc yourself through msi afterburner, riva tuner, evga precision.. etc
  3. Those links aren't working for me, but one thing to consider, in regards to d-block's comment, the quality of cooling can also effect how well a card will OC. It may be easy to overclock a factory card, but if the cooling sucks, you will be limited. Sometimes the reverse is true. If it's factory OC'ed and the cooler sucks, you might easily be able to get better performance with the non-factory OC'ed card.
  4. The factory overclocked versions have reduced warranty. The Palit one has only 1-2 years i think. That is the cost you pay for them to overclock your card. Which in any case, you can do, if you are good at it by the softwares mentioned above.
  5. bystander said:
    Those links aren't working for me,
    Funny thing is, if you copy/paste the exact same link it works fine.

    In addition to this problem, IE8 has been closing down multiple "Tom's" windows on me "to prevent damage from malicious software".
  6. Lifetime warranty is flawed, on 3 occastions ive seen/heard that they dont adhere to it becuase they have flaws and rules around "lifetime warranty" (UK Based though)

    I had the same issue with a 6800GS, came with lifetime warranty - Due to the 6800GS not being manufactered anymore, they sent me a B-Grade or 2nd Hand one and clearly made it out to be brand new when it wasnt. There were scuffs on the plastic fan guard and light dust in the fan itself. They did however state this only came with 1 years warranty to due the product not be in curculation anymore.

    2 years after purchase is probably the time you should start to think about upgrading. Well in my experiance anyways.
  7. The process of an overclock to at the very least match the factory oc edition is as simple as sliding a bar. Don't be intimidated, it is very easy to do.
  8. as d-block stated, its very easy to OC your GPU with the accompanying software.

    I just bought the MSI 1gb gtx460, and am extremely pleased with it. I OC'd it with MSI afterburner up to match the specs of the Palit factory OC card you linked, and even after playing SC2 on Ultra settings, 1920x1080 res, the GPU's max temp was 66C(27C idle). From reviews that I've read, the MSI has the best cooling capabilities, and my experiences with it reflect that.

    As far as noise is concerned, I think unless you're looking for absolutely whisper quiet, any of the GTX460s will be quiet enough.
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