Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 Radiator Mod?

I have recently got myself a Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 case. What I didn't think of when I bought it though, was that I might would consider going for watercooling some time in the future, and the Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 doesn't really have alot of opportunities for this. So, what I think of doing is a little modding to this case to fit a dual 140mm radiator in the top, and possibly a dual 120mm radiator at the back. The biggest problem is that there is absolutely no room at the edge between the 140mm fans at the top and the 120mm fans at the back, so how would I get two radiators to fit on these fans? Any suggestions?

This is where I would like to install the radiators:
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  1. All I could guess would be maybe a 120x2 would fit up top.

    To go for more, you will have to drill new holes on the top closer to the front(this will pull it away from the back of the case where you have no room). Maybe even extend the fan grille forward by drilling more holes. I am not sure how nice this will look in your new case.

    Alternatively you can mount the rear rad assembly outside the case(the fans should still fit inside). There are tube holes in the case to allow for this. This may free up the room you want for the 2x140mm up top.

    If the 120mm rear fan is still to close, it can be mounted outside the case too :) All nicer then making new holes up top.
  2. What I actually thought of doing was mounting a 2x140mm rad on top of the case, and to make it look nicer I would mount one of these on top of it with a couple of 140mm fans in it:
    Then I could remove the inner 140mm fans, and get the space I need for the 2x120mm radiator :D
  3. Never even though of that idea, that may work.

    If you do that, once you know everything will fit, you can even cut out the fan grille on the top of the case since you will not see it and it will just slow air flow a bit.
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