Pc trouble, need help

hello all,

i need help, when i shut down my PC ( none sleep mode ) there are times when one big flash of light that comes out of my PC case ( i have a window side panel) not sure if its from the mother board or power supply. then my PC wont turn on. i saw on you tube that it can be powered on again if you unplug the PSU and hold the power button for 30 sec then wait for 10 min before plunging the plug again to the power supply. and it works for me. but i dont want to deal with that every few days or so.

what can it be? the power supply is some what new, about 3 months old. i play MMOs online and surf the net and its not over clocked.

my PC is plunged to the wall, and no overheating issues. then has been going on in the past week and did this 3 times.

today i opened my case to see if there is any leaking capacitors on the motherboard and saw none i made sure all the wiring inside and out are good, and made sure no wiring are close to the motherboard, no dust build ups.

here are my PC specs and ((( any help would be great thank you )))

Windows 7 home 64bit home
AMD 64 X2 6000+ 3.11 GHZ
4 gigs of ram corsair ( four sticks of 1 gig )
Asus Motherboard M2N-Sli Deluxe
EVGA GTX 260 Video card
Corsair TX 850 watt
3 Western Digital hard Drives, main drive running in raid 0 and one back up drive
LightOn DVD drive
creative sound blaster: Audigy 2 ZS
Lian Li Case
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  1. You will have to find where the flashes are coming from. If they are coming from the PSU RMA it!
  2. Now that is a really nice PSU in there, and SUPER overkill for that single 260 (you could use a 500w one), but I'd still put my money on that. A 'big flash' is kind of vague though. Does it happen all the time? Have you watched it when you shut down your PC? Does it come from a certain area of your PC?
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