$400 mATX Build

Hello all, Im very much new when it comes to building a PC so I would greatly appreciate some help. This will be my first build ever. I have read up on many post and guides over the web and I think I have a firm basic knowledge of parts and how each works with each other. This is what I have so far, I have searched around the forums and looked at builds people have. I am in no way a hardcore PC user I would just like something decent to call my own :)






Please note:
I am not from the USA so pricing will affect me greatly.
I am trying to stay under $400
Not too sure if I qualify for rebates.
I do not have Fans,OS,HDD,Drives in that list seeing that the price would not differ that greatly where I live.

I would like to know if those will work together and if there are any improvements I could make while staying in my budget.

Thank you.
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  1. I'd get AS Rock rather than Jetway for the motherboard. $59.99 gets you an 880 or 770 from AS Rock, with better quality than Jetway.

    Get G.Skill 4 GBkit for $59.99

    drop to a X3 445 if you can. ($75)

    use the total of 38 saved to get a HD 5770 or GTS 450 as a better card than a 9800
    you lack a hard drive, do you already have one?
  2. thank you for the speedy reply,

    abt the boards you mentioned they are cheaper yes but they only have one PCIe slot, the only ones I found with two slots were more expensive so i think ill go with this one:

    as for the ram you suggested they dnt work with the board i picked so i picked these:

    i picked the x3 445 like you said:

    as for the GPU its between:

    but im more likely gonna go with the cheaper one.

    oh abt the hard drive i was thinking abt using one from my old destop but if you can direct me to a good one that won't hurt my budget it would be nice :)
  3. Thats DDR2 board. You don't want DDR2.

    if you want to do 2 cards eventually, you want the 5770, and you can get the 770 board, which is 59 and has a 16x/4x PCIe slot. an 870 iCafe model has 8x/8x as an option for $89.99. the x4 is slower but it will wok. you'd lose about 5% over the x8 in speed.

    the Spinpoint F4 320 GB is only $42.99
  4. Can you give us links to some sites in there?
  5. its all newegg.

    AMD Athlon II X3 445 Rana 3.1GHz CPU and ASRock M3A770DE AM3 AMD 770 ATX AMD Motherboard: $123.99
  6. Since your not from the US, do you use a forwarding service like ship2me or are you just looking for advice on what to buy in your country? Since this will help us determine what to recommend.
  7. No i will have them shipped to my friend in america and he will bring them down for me.

  8. Better quality and more powerful PSU, motherboard and way faster video card.

    RAM is better quality brand in my view, CPU wise your better getting a triple core and spending as much as possible on the video card like in my build.

    I do have to thank Batuchka tho, because he suggested a similar build a while ago.
  9. Questions:

    1. Is that the super clocked version of the GTX 460?
    2. Is an extra 20W gonna help?

    And could you post some links because I cannot find that Mobo/CPU combo

    Thank you
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    I just checked today and it looks like the Asus video-card has been deactivated, meaning they're probably not going to be in stock any more. Bummer...

    Oh well, just get this one instead:

    Considering this is a $400 build and $160 gets you an entry-level 460GTX, I wouldn't worry about it being super-clocked. You'll find it has more than enough power at the stock clock-rates to let you play everything you want.

    And remember its the amps on the +12v rail along with the power efficiency that matter, not the wattage.

    The Seasonic has 40A vs 34A for the Corsair; its also rated as 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified whereas the Corsair doesn't even meet vanilla 80 plus standards, and it has 1 sata and 2 molex more connectors as well.

    It is a way better PSU in every respect and if you have a look on Toms PSU rankings you'll see that it is currently top of the list.
  11. Ok thank you very much
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