2133Mhz Vengeance RAM & RoG Maximus IV Extreme Z

i'm looking to build a rig consisting the Vengeance RAM(still pondering) while using the Asus Maximus IV MoBo(got it a while ago)... but after having read through the MoBo specifications that says it only supports 2133Mhz rams upon OC and 2200Mhz rams running at only 2133Mhz by default, i'm kinda confused here.

my question is, at what speed would my 2133Mhz ram be running if i do not OC? and if i were to opt for a 2200Mhz ram n let it run at 2133Mhz, will it "hurt" the ram in anyway? or should i just get a 1600Mhz ram and get it over with? i'm new to OC, so i'm not pretty confident in doing it.

appreciate any insights on this..Thanks.
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  1. The stated OC speeds are due to the Sandybridge CPU Design that can run at 2133 max "safely".

    The max speed would 2133 at 1.5volts. XMP type ram (which those are) are more flexible in critical memory timings which as you overclock becomes very important. It allows for greater stability at higher frequencies. Also, Intel has suggested that with Sandybridge CPU's, they cannot recommend voltages above 1.5 with ram or you will likely encounter a shortened lifespan of the CPU itself. Stay at 1.5v and you should be just fine (which those are).

    To really OC properly, you must consider a water cooling unit for the CPU. It will have a larger impact on speed and lifespan - consistantly - as the system ages. The lower your CPU and Memory temps are, the more stable the system is as a whole and,.. the longer it will last that way.

    Cooler running CPU's and cooler Ram temps are faster in the movement of electrons (think superconductors here and why they are "supercooled" because they generate more heat as the electrons being moved through it - move faster). So the colder you are, the faster (more effecient) you will be. Also - the less likely you are to have things become unstable as age takes its toll.
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