After insert the grphic card(ge force 9400gt 1gb)i start to play games.but after

i have zotac GEFORCE9400GT 1GB graphic card . after inserting the graphic card and driver installation when i start my pc it will struck after few minuites.when iask the technition he said it may be a smps i install this graphic card in my friends system same thing will happend.please give me agood suggestion.
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  1. It sounds like your Graphics Card is faulty. Check your power supply also to make sure this has not caused your Graphics Card damage resulting in the card no longer working.
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    If a card fails in both systems,then its probably defective.However,try another card in your system and see if it works fine or not.

    it has to be faulty because these readings were for whole systems not gfx card only.
    unless u have under 150watts (even that has to be an aged one) the card is faulty
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