Will 600 watts be Sufficient?

Recently I finished purchasing my final components for my first PC build. What I am most unsure about is if my Corsair cx600 watt power supply is efficient enough to run my system?
Here are its specs:

Cpu- core i5 2400
mobo- asus p8p67
Gpu- GTX 460 SC
Ram- G.Skill 2x2gb
Case- Haf922
HDD- Standard 500gb WD
DVD Standard drive

Thank you for your time.
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  1. Try your old ps with a fresh windows install. If you get through it without any bluescreens or lock ups, then the corsair 600w should be ok. If you plan on overclocking, I would hold off for awhile and run your system at stock. Overclocking might require a stronger ps.
  2. I dont have my old psu or pc unfortunately. I also hoped to overclock just a bit nothing extreme or major. I was expecting my system to run at 500 watts so purchased this 600watt psu. Just needed some opinions and assistance. Thanks
  3. The Corsair CMPSU-600CX should be sufficient for your system configuration.
  4. Corsair and thermaltake are sufficient PSU's. 600 watts can be sufficient but if you plan upgrading your system, I would suggest going for a higher wattage. It is only a few bucks more expensive but can save you a lot of trouble. I would suggest one of these two units, by Corsair:

    Corsair 750W:

    And, if you are really going to build a strong gaming system and overclock, go for a 1200W modular power supply:

    I bought an Antec 650W power supply from a local compter store a few months ago and it was barely enough to power my overclocked i7.
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