Help with Fan Setup in HAF922 Case

Ok guys first let me start out with my build

its all in a HAF922 case

AMD Phenom II X4 965BE @ 3.6ghz
Hyper 212+ in push/pull config
ASUS m4a89gtd 890GTX mobo
XFX 6850 OCd to 950/1050

now heres my question i purchased an additional 200mm Fan to mount on my side panel of the HAF 922 should i use this as an intake or an exhaust? I have actually tried both ways and notice almost no diff in temps so any suggestions welcome

here are my thoughts

As Intake
with it as an intake it adds added cool air to the case along with the front 200mm intake leaving the rear and top fans to exhaust....the 200mm blows directly onto the Hypere212+ and the GPU which is good (pretty sure the GPU dissipates air all over not just from rear right????

As Exhaust
It sucks hot air being emitted from the GPU out of the case (the 6850 exhausts air all over right? its only EE models that have the rear exhaust only?) It pulls some air off of the CPU which can make it cooler or hotter it depends? I have a feeling this will be too much exhaust tho?

Any thoughts would be great
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    I would go with it as an intake. It would give your CPU and GPU the coolest air possible from outside the case as well as give the case a positive inside pressure.

    My view on case pressure is that it's better to have positive pressure inside to continuously push out dust particles from the small cracks that would otherwise be sucked into the case with negative pressure. This means nothing if you don't have filters on your fans or if you don't routinely dust out the inside of your case.
  2. Intake!
  3. thanks guys this is what i figured!
  4. Remember to get a dust filter for that side panel if you're going to use it for intake! I installed a 200mm CM megaflow on the side of my HAF922 without a dust filter for like a week and it packed the internals of my case with so much dust in a very short amount of time.
  5. Front and side window = intake
    Top and Rear = exhaust
  6. whats a fan dust filter and how do they work? i keep my work area pretty clean
  7. also looking @ newegg and such i cant find any case filters at all for a 200mm fan?
  8. Don't think they make them for 200mm fans, you can use some thin foam or something if you really need one...

    Honestly, filters like that do a little bit, but aren't that big of a deal. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. Just don't ever put a top-of-the-case fan as an intake with no filter...
  9. Read this in another forum but if you want to, you can just stretch a nylon stocking over the fan. It should work as a fairly decent filter and provide enough air flow.
  10. Now we all know kureme wears nylon stockings...
  11. Touche.
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  13. see now my only concern is

    my 200mm fan is blowing air directly onto my 6850 which is dissipating heat in the same area
    thats a linus tech tips video which basically is my HAF 922 case and where my GPU is situated......

    tho my GPU is in the lower PCI-E slot to run at x16 (the slot right above the PSU) because a VGA controller card has to go into the grey PCI-E slot if not the GPU runs at x8 in the blue or grey slot
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