Does this sound like a failing video card to you?

Okay, I'm running two GTX 260's in SLI (One is a 192 core the other 216 - both EVGA). The 192 is set as my primary (GPU1 - DVI is plugged into it). Earlier I took the case off to check wiring elsewhere in the case and then when I tried to power back on my screen just stayed in standby mode. It sounded like the PC was never booting past a certain point either - it would not even boot with a picture. I noticed the fan wasn't spinning on GPU1 either - I checked and one power plug for it was a hair out so I pushed it back in, rebooted - still no picture with GPU1. I tried GPU2 - viola picture. I check after booting up - all it shows is GPU1 (Which it thinks is the other card - it should be GPU2 normally but it wasn't seeing the other one). I checked all connections, rebooted, switched to GPU1 - now it was working. It sees both cards again and they both seem to be running fine.

However, I was playing L4D - mostly as a stress test since it has been acting stupidly (Monitor will be in standby state like it's receiving no picture, must reboot to recover). Well, the game played smoothly - all settings maxed no problems. Then about 5 minutes in the game hit a snag, the audio stuttered (like a crash), I was monitoring the temps on my G15's screen and both were at about 80 degrees Celsius - screen went into standby mode (audio still stuttering), my temps dropped to about 74-76 in quick order, GPU usage went from like 80% to 0% instantly at the same time - screen came back on, and the monitor gave me a display like it does when I normally have just turned it on (Telling me my input and source). I played some more, same thing happened in same time amount - 5 minutes.

So to me, it seems like GPU1 (192 core) is failing - would you all concur or could something else be at play? If so, it will make the SECOND GTX 260 I've had EVGA replace...and I think it might be my last EVGA. I'm happy with the performance of my cards in SLI, but I'm not sure if I'm having crash issues because of them or because my friggin' Windows 7 install is corrupting or something...and to think this all started because I was seeing if I had plugged the front headphone jack in on my motherboard...why must computers always develop more problems after simply LOOKING inside them? It was all fine until I popped the case off...
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  1. Were you able to see the Graphics card BIO's on the first card?

    If no it may be a indicator that its failing.

    I suggest you run furmark on the 192 in a single config and then the 260 in single config. This may also help you get a more accurate determination.
  2. wow hot graphics card temps there? Anyways whats your powersupply? and what brand? and how many watts?
  3. Oh yeah, forgot to ask about PSU too haha.

    Supply that info also.
  4. Pardon, but what is a "Graphics card BIO's"? Not really familiar with the term.

    My PSU is an ABS Tagan ITZ 800 watt PSU - six +12V rails @ 64A. I'm quite certain my PSU is more than enough to power these two cards. I remember when I bought it I was PO'd that people kept prattling on about PSUs so much when I was talking about my build in my thread (Not here, btw) so I went on Newegg, did the power search, and I picked under +12V rails the highest number I found, which was six and was this one. So I asked them "This one good enough then?" to which a resounding yes was thrown back at me. It wasn't until after that fact that I found out that ABS makes really nice PSUs (I always thought this was kind of funny considering a researched most of my other purchases I didn't really on the PSU - I just tried to pick overkill and most people were recommending 500 watt PSUs at the time).

    By single configuration, do you mean disabling SLI? Or do you mean actually removing the bridge between the two and doing so?
  5. wow nice powersupply you can power anything with that.
  6. Quote:
    wow nice powersupply you can power anything with that.

    Just because it says 800w on the box doesnt' mean it can realisticly out put that much.

    I could blow once past 500 watts for all we know.... :/
  7. seems similar to my story

    i found a way to live with it

    but first symptoms:

    i got EVGA gtx280 SSC, after couple of months using it for F@H bad things started to happen:

    after about 5 minutes in any game whole stystem crashes, colourful mosaic of artifacts on the screen, looped sound.
    only reset helps.
    and then its the same - 5 min gaimng - reeset.

    i pulled Gpu-z - after every start of gpuz card goes to max frequency and then goes down in a matter of seconds, like:
    648 - 399 - 300 MHz
    [that is ok..]
    but, VDDC current was like:
    20 - 16 - 7 A []

    during game maz vddc curent was going up even to 80 A
  8. sorry, someho i cant edit my last post..



    run pc for couple minutes to heat up,

    shut down completly, wait 5 - 10 seconds

    turn it on

    check vddc curreny it should go like:

    16 - 4.8 - 2.4 A

    then my system is stable as long as it runs

    what i understand its a common problem for nvidia gpus from 2008

    you can also look for term 'baking GPU' but i would hold off with such drastic mesaures
  9. I ran Furmark for 10 minutes, full screen native resolution 1920 x 1200 - No MSAA. Avg FPS was 59, max was 63 min was 22 (I think this was at the start, I never saw it do this though). Max temperature for both cards was 81 degrees Celsius - they never went over it.

    I ran a second test for 5 minutes, same as above but 16x MSAA. Ouch, this time Max FPS was I think 40, Min was 16, Avg 27 - Max temp on both cards was 86 degrees Celsius. GPU1 was running at 99% usage and GPU2 was running at 89% usage, and both were starting to crank their fans. For some reason though, GPU2's PCB was running hotter - 71 degrees Celsius to GPU1's PCB temp of 68 degrees Celsius. Not sure why that happened, but it did.

    I ran extreme burn for about 3 minutes - max temp peaked at 87 degrees Celsius for GPU2 but after fan speed increased (90-95%) it was steady at 85 degrees Celsius. All these tests were run in Multi-GPU Furmark using both cards obviously in SLI.

    I disabled SLI and ran off GPU1 (The one causing the troubles in the first place), ran same test as the second one (Native Resolution, 16x MSAA) - temperature was a steady 85-86 degrees Celsius, GPU usage was 99% steady. I ran the test for 12 minutes, no issues at all.

    So with all this stability testing...what do you all think? I swear it acts like now it's going to be just fine, but who knows. Also, I am SO sick of EVERY time I do a benchmark my computer ends up being worse ranked than stuff I should be beating. I'm running dual GTX 260's in SLI, and I did the standard Furmark bench to compare and I got a score of like 3500 - that's worse than a SINGLE GTX 280. WTF!? Dual GTX 260's are better than a single GTX 280, and yet this stuff happens to me all the time. I swear, I'd be the guy who'd have dual GTX 480s or crossfire 5970's and be scoring worse than people with dual GTX 280s or crossfired 5850's. Yes my stuff is stock clocked, but I still don't see why I'm not out scoring a lot of other cards. Hell I think I saw a GTS 250 SLI setup that was scoring higher than my GTX 260 SLI setup. I'm going to try some more gaming today and see if the same thing happens.
  10. I played L4D last night for a long period of time, I played for a good 2 hours or so without a hitch - then that stutter thing happened all the same way it always does and then recovered. Temps all night were between 75-82 degrees Celsius. After this happened I manually overrode fan speed to 100% on both cards and played for another 2-3 hours without a problem.

    So can anyone tell me after all this conclusively what sounds like is the problem? I'm just unsure what could be causing it. Temperatures are not exceeding normal values, everything works as it should - and at the time of the crash there was nothing special that occurred that could be linked to it. Each time previously it has been totally random with no specific in-game triggers of any sort. The video card is the only thing I can think would be the problem - distinctly because the video signal shuts off and when it comes back acts like the computer has just been turned on or the monitor has just been powered on. I would think a defective card would not work okay for those lengths of time though.

    Any ideas? I'm stumped...
  11. Run the 192 as a single card and see if it happens again. If so and does not take place on the 216 when in single mode then your card is on it's way out.
  12. Okay I got so PO'd I ripped the 192 out after it crashed on me three times in a row in less than a minute. I'm running purely on the 216 now, so far seems okay. When playing L4D I have the stupidest issue and I now am suspicious of something else. The game acts similarly but right where the pair in SLI would have shut off the display and come back, the screen goes black for a second, comes back on before it can enter standby and returns to the game (almost like a slow transition when the monitor flickers). I was playing online and when I checked my ping was super high like 400 ms and it had been at 62 ms previously. This happened several times all the same way.

    After that, a few of the things I use in my web browser were logged out (Gmail, this forum, and one other site) but many others were still logged in and work fine. Good god I'm thinking it's this whole installation, I'm getting so mad I'm about to format. I don't have a backup drive to transfer the files to though and I need to (I don't feel like redownloading 180 GB worth of stuff from Steam...). I'm going to try a different game and see if it works okay.

    Btw, unhooking the 216 - not an option. Because it's SO tight in there I killed myself rerouting wires to get it to fit and it wasn't easy. It has air space I checked, it's just difficult to manuever that card around the cables. I am getting so sick of all this though. I'm about to format, reinstall, and buy a new video card anyway because I'm getting sick of this BS. Why can't Microsoft make a GD OS that doesn't corrupt and **** up after so long? I'm so sick of it! That's why I stopped using XP and Vista!

    Just had to vent a little...

    EDIT: Nevermind, it logged me out of every website. God I hate Windows...and yet I have no option as I'm a gamer. I don't like Mac either - I guess I'd use some Linux something if I could. Windows is horrible, constantly corrupts itself and fails after a year or two of slowly degrading performance. If this were any other industry people would be furious over this (I still am). What if your new car got worse and worse and in two years was shot - time to buy a new one/rebuild the old one completely. I hate technology...guess it's off to the store tomorrow I go to get an external HD (Yet another device no one can make any good - seriously go read some reviews for external hard drives, everyone says they're all unreliable no matter who makes them it seems).
  13. This is why I waste a lot of time on building my machine to work first then perform later. I had to do things to the case to keep my sata and 6pin power cables out of my way. Then move away from molex powered fans which helped a lot. So for you get another hard drive and a decent size one at that then try a fresh install. Clean up any dust there may be hiding in there. While you are doing that dissect that 192 for any obvious damage. If you want to give Linux a shot but are new to it then give Mint a shot its ok but Linux these days is as bloated as Win and OSX.
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