Computer puts out too much heat?!

Hey everyone my computer makes my room a good 10F+ hotter then the rest of the house (Hottest room in the house) and I don't know which part of my computer making my room so hott!! I have a 500w thermaltake PSU and a Duo 2 e6700 CPU and a 250GTS video card putting out heat. If I can find out what the source of the heat I want to replace it with water cooling. Can't take this hot room anymore!
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  1. Feel behind the PC and see where the heat is coming from
  2. Replacing the cooling does not solve the problem the parts are still going to dissipate the same amount of energy (heat).
  3. kilo_17 said:
    Feel behind the PC and see where the heat is coming from

    The PSU is hot to the touch, its cooled with 2 120mm fans. The video card vent gets hot to the touch only when playing PC games.
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    The amount of heat transferred away from the processor is proportional to the temperature difference between the processor's temperature and the air temperature inside the case. Your PC's case probably already has a case fan that draws air out of the case, and the power supply also has a fan that does that, so, if you want to reduce the temperature inside the case.

    Thats a pc's cooling in short. Now the room where is it situated. Windows is it painted? Does it get direct sunlight between the hottest parts of the day. is it when its cold still the hottest room?

    Clear windows, Yes it gets sunlight. Yes still very hot room well the rest of the house is freezing. NO windows on the PC case thou.
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    what psu do you have?

    Can you post your specs please?

    500w PSU thermaltake
    Intel duo 2 E6700
    BGF GTS 250 Video Card
    4x 1GB G-skill RAM
    Mobo from Dell XPS 410
    1x LG blu-ray rom
    1x Seagate Hard drive
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    What model? Will that be the TR2?

    Thermaltake W0093RU 500W ATX 12V 2.0 Version Passive PFC Power Supply

    Edit Video card BFG GeForce 250 GTS
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