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hi all, i gained a pc today off a friend that has asked me to have a look at. Their is no display showing but the system seems to be trying to boot up.

the system blew the other day and a new psu was needed so they replaced the psu and the system was powering up but no display. i have stripped the system to the basics, psu, motherboard, cpu and gfx as their is no onboard gpu, still no display. so i tried a second and third gfx card to see if the gpu had blown in the process of the psu blowing but still no display.

the psu powers up and all fans power up so could this be the cpu or motherboard.

any help will be great.
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  1. try to replace memory module
  2. i have tested with modules inserted and taken out, the system display should still show with modules taken out?, do you need memory modules inserted for a display to show up?
  3. try to replace with new memory module, not the old one already installed.. and if problem still persist, the problem is the board itself.
  4. ok replaced the memory modules on the motherboard and still no display, also tested the memory out of the blown pc and seems to be working fine, so that does not seem to be the problem.

    so you think it is the board itself, could it not be the cpu or is the cause usually the board in this situation
  5. It is almost always the board. It MAY be the CPU, but CPU's very rarely go bad. I would say you are looking at a 1/100 chance of it being the CPU instead of the board.
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