Sandy Bridge Pricing?

Anyone have any insight into what kind of price tag we'll be looking at for Sandy Bridge upon release?

I'm considering passing on the i7 to wait for SB, but I don't want to wait if the prices are just going to be early adopter type prices. Ditto on the motherboards that support the new socket sizes. I'd prefer not to spend more than $350-400 on my processor alone.

i7 and SB are a wash to me horsepower wise, either will do just fine. I'm just thinking from a future-proofing POV.

Thanks for any input.
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  1. I have no input on pricing, but I'd offer this: Those who adopt early always pay the highest prices, but Intel doesn't usually change prices much . . . at least over a time period you'd be willing to wait for an upgrade.

    As for future-proofing, by the time I'm ready to upgrade cpus, it always seems I want the new mobo as well. And Intel seems to be introducing new cpus with new sockets anyhow . . . unless you're interested in protecting a move to a 6-core in which case an i7 now might give you some protection.
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    Sandy bridge will also carry the i7/5 branding on socket LGA 1155.

    The Core i7-2600K and core i7-2600 will be the high end ones at launch, according to reports. The two indicates that it’s a 2nd generation Core i7, and the 600 is the model number.

    And you're right in the last thread. With a high budget, one should wait to see how it pans out IMO. They wont be cheap though. Intel never is.

    Quote : "The core i7-2600K and the core i7-2600 are 3.4 GHz parts while the core i7-2600S is a 2.8 GHz parts. All of these processors are quad core parts and hyperthreading is enabled in all of them. This means that we can have 8 thread running at a time.

    The Turbo boost functionality will be enabled in these parts and the turbo frequency of all of these parts will be 3.8 GHz. All of these parts will have 8 MB of L3 cache."
  3. i5-2600/variants isthe highend ~300$ chip.

    Intel generally drops in CPUs ~10/20$ over their targeted replacements. I think it would probably be smarter to wait and pick up an i7-2500K for ~200$ come January.
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  5. Thanks, Omega6, I appreciate that :)
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