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Hi all,
i'm upgrading my PC with some new hardware.
With my PC, i usually work photo editing of huge-size pics, and i often play some FPS games.
Actually, i have a nVidia GTX470 ad a Ageia (PCI) physyx card. I also have a (unused nvidia GT240)
I was wondering if buying another GTX470 to have a SLI configuration, or not... or buy a QuadroFX card...
I'm planning to start using photoshop cs5, soon...
What kind of configuration is better to my need?

Thanks a lot.

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  1. forgot... i have a RampageIII mainboard with i7 950 and 6gb dominatorGT
  2. wow..
    A single GTX470 is enough for all you need... :)
  3. i know it's enough for cs5... i was thinking about a 470-SLI to achieve better perfermance on FPS games.... but i've read that CS5 will not support SLI cards.
    (and here:
  4. Even GTS250 is enough for just CS5, as long as you have a FAST CPU then you're good to go. :)

    Well, with a single GTX470 i'm sure you can play any games recently with a decent setting (High/Med).
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