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Hi I have an HP-2000 and it has autodesk maya 2013 on it and I want to move it from the laptop to my better computer so i have 3 ideas:

1. Take the hard drive out of the laptop and use it as the primary hard drive for my desktop (the computer i want to use maya on.)
2. Clone the laptop's hard drive onto my desktop hard drive.
3. Move maya (and some other software) from the laptop hdd onto my desktop

The laptop has Windows 7 Ultimate and a 320GB HDD.
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    Moving the hard drive or cloning its contents will not work, the two computers have too different of hardware for the computer to run from the other's hard drive.
    However, if, when you say move, you mean reinstall the software on your desktop and copy over data and configuration files while and activating with a valid license (if necessary), then yes you could do that.
  2. thanx
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