My CPU is EXTREMELY hotter than the CPU Cores

I am running on an i5-2500k with a CoolerMaster 212+ heatsink. Overclocked to 4.5 ghz.

I downloaded everest and coretemp and I am getting somewhat similar readings however the top number on everest is at 123 C but the cores are seemingly safe temps.

What is that top number? Is it something to be concerned about? Which program is a more accurate program? Sorry for the multiple questions!

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  1. Your not running both programs at the same time are you. Some times they conflict.
    Go into bios and look at the temps.
  2. Yeah... trust the bios
  3. Your system should have shut itself down if that was the actual temp. I'd trust the core temps, which are very good.
  4. It could be a faulty sensor. I have a south bridge temp sensor on my motherboard that has never read correctly. It always shows my SB temp at 128C.
  5. Your sensor is reading wrong CPU temps.. Ive seen it before on a friend`s PC on an asus mobo and same as you it showed high CPU temps (but they were 100*C :D ) and still showed low core temps (~30*C).
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