Wait for black friday?

So I'm planning to buy a 6870 on black friday or cyber monday, but Newegg has this 10% off all graphics cards deal right now. I don't need to have it right now but I'm not sure if it would be cheaper to buy it now or wait for a black friday deal. Also, would I be able to run an i7 930 with two 6870 on a 750 watt power supply?
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  1. 10% off is nice. I would say get it now...........you never know what specific items will be on sale during the holidays.
    As long as it is a good quality 750w PSU it will be fine.
  2. I'm waiting to build my computer B. Friday, despite the good deals and solid build I came up with. Usually on that day (or the Monday after) you can find some killer deals.
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