Will gtx460 work with this??

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  1. Yes, I have a GTX480 running on the same psu that you linked.
  2. You can use a single GTX460 on that PSU... :)
    Well, that's a bit overkill, with only 500W you'll be just fine.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies! I already have the it's a matter of matching up GPU's that I can use with it and the gtx 460 looks good to my eyes. Do you guys like the gtx 460 (fermi) 786? I'll only be gaming on minimum resolutions for at least a year until I can afford a nice monitor. I want to play Battlefield BC2 and similar games. Think I'll be ok?
  4. if you want GTX460 then go with 1 GB version.

    Well, it all depends on many things. Tell us your FULL specs...
  5. Specs are:

    Amd phenom II x4 955 BE
    Asus evo motherboard (pcie x 2)
    4 gb Gskill ddr3
    700w psu
    Windows 7 64-bit
  6. Oh yeah, 320 gb hdd

    17 inch Sony monitor 1024 x 1028
  7. The 768 card is becoming a steal, at its latest prices. Go for it. If the budgets tight.
  8. Honestly, you need to buy a monitor just as soon as you buy the video card otherwise you are going to be utilizing that card to its fullest and might as well buy a much cheaper card. Just imho

    Oh and the GTX4's are so beast, it would be a damn shame to have to run one of 'em on a crap monitor, thats why you should buy one now when you get the card. Go check Ebay or craigslist
  9. What's your next monitor's plan? HD monitor?
    then go with 1GB version, the extra memory should help you at high resolution...

    The rest of your specs are good. :)
  10. Yeah, new monitor is on my wish list, but I'm having a baby so money is tight! I would like a decent gpu to take me a little ways into the future. I was looking at an hd 5770, but I kept hearing bad things about fps in bfbc2 (my primary game). Plus the whole 128-bit memory just seems very low. Thoughts?
  11. Stay with GTX460, you can get it now and upgrade your monitor later. GTX460 is faster than HD5770...
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    Oh yeah, I can see how that would affect your budget, congratz though :)

    I have not personally used the 5770 but this page shows the gtx460 and 5770 benchmark results for BFBC2:,2684-11.html

    And I know that the resolutions in the benchmarks are not what you play on but it can still give you an idea of the performance of the cards :)
  13. Thanks guys, I appreciate the insight!
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