Motherboard without on board graphics. Boot PCI-E with no drivers?

Hi peeps, I've found that i've got enough parts for a new PC build. The thing is my mobo (P5LD2 SE) doesnt have any on board graphics so I've used an 8800gtx pci-e x16 but get no Bios. Lights come on on the mobo but i get Beeps but not found exactly what the beep messages are for this board and the ones i have found for similar are a little ambiguous.

I bought the mobo 2nd hand so need to figure out if thats working or not.

What i was wandering is would it boot using the pci-e x16 without any drivers installed or should i buy/use an old pci GPU?

Any help would be greatfully received :D
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  1. It should boot, do you have external power hooked to the GPU?
  2. beeps should be in the manual or online... Usually either RAM or missing parts...
  3. Thanks for the replies.
    I'm pretty sure i hooked up 2 6pins to the card. BTW i forgot to mention, i was using a dvi to hdmi coz that was the only cable i've got that would fit. Cud that be a cause o f the problem? Perhaps I should try another cable?
  4. Could be a cable issue worth a try.
  5. K. Will post back with results.
  6. Hey, think it may be a duff mobo. Tried again with a small dvi pci-e card but to no avail. I am gettin beeps, sound to me like 1 long, 3 short then a gap and another 2 short. This doesnt match the beep codes given on Asus website ( SE&s=22&hashedid=ly0uHyAg2GI5nzmr&os=&no=978) unless the beeps are just 5 short which would a cpu issue. The Cpu is compatible and it is an old one so should be supported by the 1st BIOS. I think i'm gonna give up unless anyone has anything else i could try.
  7. BTW. i can powerup the obviously, the powerbutton works and the fans and lights on the board do come on and i can power back down using the power button.
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