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Think I may have an overheating problem

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January 30, 2011 8:38:45 AM

Hello again, I'm back for yet another question to ask, since you were all so helpful in the past.

I have a computer that's a year - a year and a half old. It's running AMD Athlon 7750 Dual-Core @ 2.70.

I will post a picture to show you what I am talking about. But first, how hot can an AMD 7750 get? I've visted other sites that say 65 C is the cut off point and they will turn off after that. Others tell me up to 75 C. Another question of mine is how accurate is HWmon?

My cpu has gotten up to 96 C and idols at 46 C. I'm not 100% sure at what I'm looking at on HWmon when it comes to voltages, but if you could help me out and tell me if you think it's just a sensor problem, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,


For some reason, whenever I try to post a picture that you can see (bigger then 640x480), the picture either doesn't show up, or the link takes you to a 403 Forbidden page. So, here we go

Value Min Max
*CPU VCORE 1.04V 1.04V 1.34V
*VIN1 1.10V 1.10V 1.10V
*+3.3V 3.04V 3.02V 3.04V
*5V 5.05V 5.03V 5.08V
*+12V 12.16V 12.10V 12.16V
*-12V -13.50V -13.50V -13.44V
*+5V VCCH 5.08V 5.05V 5.08V
*VBAT 3.34V 3.34V 3.34V


*THRM 56C 49C 108C
TMPIN0 56C 49C 108C
TMPIN1 47C 44C 54C
TMPIN2 49C 46C 54C

AMD Athlon 7750

Core #0 42C 35C 96C
Core #1 42C 35C 96C


Processor 60.90W 60.90W 98.05W

NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+

VIN0 0.95V 0.95V 1.20V


48C 46C 78C

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January 30, 2011 8:49:32 AM

Check the temp with the bios info, the readouts are more accurate, it could be your cpu fan not working, excessive dust on the cpu heat sink or heatsink not sitting right, but if its worked fine in the past I'd blame dust or fan failure.

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January 30, 2011 3:54:37 PM

96C is way to hot. 96C with a Vcore of 1.04 or 1.34 is because of either a dead fan or an improper mounted heatsink. If it's always been like this then reseat the heatsink. If this is a new problem, follow Hairy's suggestion. I wouldn't use the computer until you get it under 65C. 70 or 75 might be the high end, but I'd shoot for 65 (or even <60C).
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January 30, 2011 6:21:04 PM

Alright. So, went to Best Buy, picked up some more paste, resat the heatsink, made sure the fan works and so far, it idols at 28C instead of 46C. Hopefully that is the fix. I'll update you after I put it through a stress test.

Right now, Thank You all for helping me out again. I really appreciate it.
January 30, 2011 6:21:36 PM

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a c 84 à CPUs
January 31, 2011 12:49:33 AM

That does sound a lot better. Check your load temps but you sound like the problem has been fixed.