Need Really an Expert

Hello first of let me tell you my config :

Intel 2500k processor
Board : MSI Z68agd80 (b3)
2TB Hitachi 6gb/s
Gskill 8GB (4x2) 1600MHZ
Corsair 750W PSU

Now my problem is Today I started my new PC and ready to install Windows 7 OS unfortunately .. It always Hangs up at "Setup Is Starting Windows"

After sever attempts I found that system hangs up at a stage when the files must be copying to HardDisk ..

So I removed my HardDisk and tried to install .. The same problem I face ..

It always hangs at "Setup Is Starting Windows"

Kindly if any expert helps me .. I am very much thankful to him ..

Same problem facing by another person of same board :;topic=149372.0
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  1. How long did you wait? Several minutes?
  2. Yes , like the previous post says how long did you wait. There are a lot of files to copy for the OS and you do need to wait sometimes several minutes for the process to finish.
  3. ya Waited for sever minutes .. I tried lot of times with different kinds of os ..

    no result .. is this over clocking problem ?

    I didnt switch on my OC Button on motherboard ..

    Please help me .. Its my new PC ..
  4. Hello .. I came with a new update ..

    Installations starts but at 2% I got a error

    ERROR CODE : 0x80070002

    What is this .. what should I do now ?
  5. You probably have a hardware issue. Did you run Memtest86 for several hours to make sure that the memory is fine?
  6. Now I tried to format both the drives before installing

    Now on formating the other drive I am getting 0x80070002 error

    And I googled about this .. I found some one saying after using disk part method win 7 installs fine ..

    What do you think about this ?
  7. If you get error 0x80070002 while formatting one of the hard disks, then it probably is defective. If you can format one hard disk several times without getting errors and you always get errors when formatting the other one, then it definitely is defective. If you get errors while formatting either hard disk (try it several times), then you know that the problem is with another component.
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