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Hey everyone I built my first PC this week, the motherboard (ASUS P8P67 LE) booted without any problems, I installed windows 7 and started updating my drivers. Too my surprise the audio was muted, I clicked on it and it showed "No Speakers or headphones are plugged in"

I've tried installing Realtek's HD audio that the motherboard supports, but when my system restarts after the installation. I go to the device manager and find that their are no audio drivers other than "AMD High Definition Audio Device" that installed with graphics card driver.

Its worth saying the HD and HDMI options are enabled in the bios. Any suggestions?
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  1. A couple of things you may want to try:

    Enter the bios and disable the audio, reboot into windows, and then reboot and re-enable the audio. The toggling may have some affect.

    As far as the audio drivers, are you installing them from Asus' website or from Realtek's? I'd try both sets, if you haven't already.
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