Help choosing a PSU for a wide open case

I'm working on a new build for a lan system. I need suggestions for a psu and I have one in mind. The case I have is a Lian Li PC-T7B and it's mini-itx form. It can fit all normal supplies.

The case is open air, so neatness is a must and I was wondering what everyone's opinion is on fully modular psu's are. I have been looking at the Ultra X4 750w and am curious if anyone knows of other fully modular psu's.


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  1. The new Corsair AX series is fully modular and perform extremely well. I think semi modular PSUs are fine normally as long as they dont have a lot of hardwired cables. If all it has hardwired is the 24 pin main, a 4+4, and a string of SATA, you are bound to need all of those so i dont think thats bad.
  2. alright, thank you!
    Do you think a socket 1156 i7 with a 5970 or similar high end card would get enough power from a 750w psu? or would it be better to bump up to an 850?
  3. If you are sticking with a single 5970 a good 750W unit will be plenty of power, if you want the option to quadfire in the future you would want at least a good 850W unit.
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