Upgrading from 2 x 9800GTX

Hi guys and girls,

I currently have 2 9800gtx's in my system and im having problems with one of them. So i am moving back to a single card solution with dx11. My question is would a GTX460 1GB outdo my current graphics setup by itself or would i have to go higher?

My system is currently a q9300 C2Q sitting on an asusP5NT nForce 780i board
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  1. A single GTX460? yes, but you will see a bit performance increase...
    Dual GTX460 are great.
    If you want to stay with single card then go with GTX470 or even GTX480.
  2. Thanks for the info, I think I might cough up the extra and go for dual gigabyte GTX460's.

    These are the ones I have been looking at : http://www.ebuyer.com/product/232853
  3. Okay, that's a good card.
    i think you'll be fine with dual GTX460 normal (non-OC'ed) version.
    but it's okay, go for it and enjoy your cards... :)
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