Why does my 5770 show terrible video display on the internet?

Well my GPU works fine in games, the color and fps looks great but when i go to youtube or stream some video's on other sites or something it looks terrible... as in the color and pixils are very bad i cant even see the persons face clearly on one video on this PC but on my dad's computer i can. Everything is up to date my adobe, directx, drivers etc.

Can anyone tell me exactly whats going on and how i can fix this?
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  1. i dont think your gpu has anything to do with it. i faced a problem with color issues once due to faulty codecs. i've got 2 suggestions:
    1) reinstall your gpu drivers.
    2) reinstall your os only. DONT FORMAT EVERYTHING
  2. Do the videos ever show up as pure green? I had a problem with hardware acceleration and youtube after I changed my video card.

    Fixed mine by right-clicking youtube vid -> settings -> display tab -> uncheck hardware acceleration

    Might work for you.
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