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i want to upgrade my computer components which are hdd, motherboard, processor and ram. i wanted to know whether i would have to change other components too in order to change these four components? (i.e. psu or cabinet etc.) also i wanted to know whether my computer will be able to run without putting in a graphics card? because the computer i am upgrading is branded and it has intel graphics(is it a graphic card?). i am planning to upgrade processor to amd athlon or phenom2 x4. does this processor come with any integrated graphic memory? also my budget is 16000 indian rupees so you may post your recommendations.
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  1. You don't say what components you have so we can't say if there OK. Which motherboard you get will determine if it has integrated graphics or not.
  2. i am planning to get either gigabyte MA880GM-UD2H motherboard or ASUS M4A88TD-M EVO motherboard. how much integrated graphics do they have?
  3. also my older computer is of zenith company (5-6 years old) with intel D845GVSR board so all the other units like psu etc are compatible with it. will it be compatible with the motherboard and processor i listed above?
  4. can anyone list the components which may require a change if one performs an upgrade?
  5. if you want to upgrade your CPU , Mobo and the RAM then a new build is better

    can you list your budget?
  6. yes my budget is 16000 indian rupees which is somewhere near to 320$. so i guess i cannot buy a good pc for so less. so please kindly suggest on what to go for to upgrade my motherboard, processor, hdd and ram.
  7. i would recommend an AMD cpu and a mobo with integrated graphics
    2GB of RAM and 500GB HDD

    then later when you have money , buy a good graphics card
  8. @scorpion: yes thats what i am exactly thinking about. but which amd processor? phenom 2 or athlon 2? also what is the difference between them and how does it affect performance? also which motherboard? i would prefer the ones i listed above but how much graphics memory do they have? and the main part is that will the other components which are older give problems?
  9. the M4A88TD-M/USB3 has a Maximum shared memory of 1GB

    it support Phenom™II & Athlon™II CPUs so choose what you need

    and yes sometimes the older components has compatibility issues with newer ones
  10. can anyone list the components which may have compatibility issues when performing upgrade? can anyone tell me the graphics memory of ati radeon 4250 which is integrated with both motherboards i listed above?
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