Hard disk shows in BIOS but won't boot

I have 2 Hard drives, my Windows 7 is installed in the 200GB IDE , and a 1TB SATA for my files. A few days ago my Windows 7 won't boot when my 1TB SATA HD is plugged in. It's stuck on the "Starting Windows" screen.

Things to take note :
1. Windows 7 wont run on safe mode when the 1TB is plugged.
2. Tried running the Windows 7 installation CD, I get up to the "Install now" button but after that I get stuck on the "Setup is starting" page.
3. Attached the 1TB on another computer and still has the same exact problems. Everything works fine as long as the 1TB is not attached.

I'm very sure my 1TB is faulty/bad but I really need to have access to my files. Can anyone help?

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  1. are you connecting it using the sata cables? i would try a usb to sata adapterto try and access it. if not i would download minipe and burn it to a dvd which has many tools like a mini xp, hdd tools, file browse etc that boots from a cd. if you cant access it that way you may be out of luck unless you want to send it somwhere for your data
  2. The software is called MiniPE right? Okay I'll give that a try. And yes I'm using SATA cables. Is there anything else you can suggest? I really need those files.
  3. yes its called mini pe its a handy cd to have. try disconnecting the ide drive and just using the sata to the hdd then boot up the minipecd.
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