What you think about "ASUS P8H61-M LE/USB3" ?

i found this board the store that am going to buy from .. its ASUS P8H61-M LE/USB3
the price was some thing like $85 .. i know its cheaper online .. but that's that , cuz am not buying online
so what you think about it .. don't give me recommendations of what i should buy .. cuz there isn't much boards to chose from :??:

my other parts that am going to buy:
i5 2500k
msi gtx 560 Ti twin forza II OC
4G G.skill DDR3 1333 RAM
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  1. any one ?!
  2. That seems to be a very good board judging by the reviews I looked at. It is one on the first types that came out so if you get it make sure you update all the drivers, and bios if you're have any problems with some compatibility. Make sure it is at least a ‘B3 Revision so you don't get one of the original boards that have/had the bad sata II ports.

    Make sure you want a minimal style board also because this board only has DVI and VGA but no HDMI output for the Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors’ integrated graphics, and only three minijack plugs for the sound card; if you want to run a 7.1 sound system you need to use your case’s front panel HD audio headphone jack to run the side speakers. And I didn't like that the board only has USB2 and not USB3 ports and two memory slots. Upgrading to 8 GB down the road is gonna be costly.
    Asus’s P8H61-M LE is a competent budget Sandy Bridge motherboard – its almost as good as the better-equipped Asrock H67M-GE, and I did like the UEFI setup program and automatic graphics overclocking for Sandy Bridge processors. That said, if you're looking for a Sandy Bridge board and every penny matters, then this wii be great for you.
    Only thing I'm not real sure of is the graphic card. I think you're supposed to outfit it with a discrete graphic card, and that Frozer ain't lol.

    Anyway, that's my opinion of the board.
  3. suteck said:
    And I didn't like that the board only has USB2 and not USB3 ports...

    We just bought one of these and it does have USB 3.0. They must've upgraded it since you last saw it.
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