M/B rear I/O port layout: case-compatibility

I have never built a PC before, so I'm a complet newb. I am at the stage where I'm trying to match up the motherboard to the case, neither of which is chosen at this point.

Say I'm looking for a MiniITX motherboard, so I choose a case that supports MiniITX. When I look at pictures of the motherboard's rear I/O panels, the cutouts on the MinITX case don't necessarily perfectly match the rear I/O panel of the motherboard. Does each motherboard ship with its own rear I/O plate with the appropriate cutouts?
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    The motherboard comes with an aluminium cut-off for the I/O ports, the case actually only have a big square gap in it. If you have doubts, just post your choices and people will let you know if they will work together.
  2. Thanks for the info. I will post choices before I make a purchase.
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