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My friend just bought a Compaq DC5100 MT tower and we've used an old hard drive and new videocard to try to get this thing running so he can play league of legends. My question is what is the incessant beeping that comes from the tower when we turn it on? We can't get a display to show up whether we plug the vga into the videocard or the onboard graphics. I think its the motherboard but I'm not sure...The motherboard is intel but we can't read the rest of it. Any ideas?
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  1. Are you using an old hard drive that has an operating system installed on it? If so, that won't work.

    Does the new Compaq have a manual. If so, check to see if it lists the error codes.
  2. Constant beeping with out a POST (power on self test) could be ram not installed correctly, or video card. Some times even CPU not installed. Start by pulling out the ram and blowing out the sockets with compressed air. Make sure the pins are clean and put them back in. Then do the same for the video card.
  3. Yea we do already have xp on the drive...we''ll try formatting it and see if that helps. And ya, it isn't even POST ing
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