Fastest way to transfer from laptop to internal hdd

i plan to get a popcorn hour or mede8er type network media player for my movies. currently they're scattered all over but mostly on my laptop. trying to figure out the fastest way to dump movies into by 2GB WD sata drive

this is my laptop
has standard USB & eSata

this is the drive i need the movies on

was thinking esata > sata cable
hook up both on router and transfer via ethernet?
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  1. I'd get an external eSATA dock or enclosure. Use it for this job, then put another drive in it later and use it as an external backup device.
  2. Yeah a 15$ external enclosure would do the job, Newegg has some nice ones, usb 2.0, 3.0, and esata
  3. Im thinking it would be easier to just hook it up to the to the router with an cat 5/6 eithernet cable and transfer them over that way. unless you want to spend the extra money gigabit eithernet is fairly fast your laptop drive is more then likely is only a 5400k so it will top out speeds around the limit of eithernet
  4. I have a nice dual-band router with a USB port on it, but sizable transfers to the external My Passport drive on it are painfully slow. When directly connected to a PC's USB3.0 port, that drive is fast.
    The advantage of the external enclosure is that it becomes part of your backup solution later, so it's not a one-time purchase that then rots in a box somewhere.
  5. esata would be the fastest. if your network & router is gigabit then that would be next fastest. Your laptop does not have usb3.
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