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I just build a new gamer, and i have a 120gig samsung 840 ssd. with software. i was told by someone that with that the software, that i could transfer my old bf3 folder to this ssd without reinstalling it is this true? anyone knows about this?thanks.
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  1. you dont need any software you just need to install origin on the new hard drive then just copy the game folder in origin games to the new hard drive and make sure origin's game folder points to the same one
  2. what do you mean make sure origin's game folder points to the same one?
  3. Maybe they mean the folder path will still be able to find its away to the game
  4. Some games had info stored in registry/ini/setting, this kind of games cannot be moved easily..
    it require installation or modification it's reg/ini/setting...

    the one that not, can be moved by simply moved the folder to the new drive/space...

    there a one trick by making the drive letter for the new space same as the old/source... (change the old to new drive letter..)

    for bf3 with those soft, no idea since not experienced with it....
  5. Steam and origin handle the install of their programs the first time you launch a game. You can move the game files because it's just Data, and when you launch the game origin will do all the setup (registry entries/directx etc). You just have to put it in the origin game directory

    That being said you do need to copy the save game Directory from under your windows profile as well
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